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KnockingOnGooglesDoor.com was a website where you could do one thing and one thing only. Click to knock on "Googles office door". You would get a short story on the project in the upper hand side of the screen. The challenge was to keep it interesting to the visitors. The goal was to get 1 000 000 knocks on the door, then we would get a reason to go to Google and document how Googleplex looked. There was a lot of hype about Google in our school at the time. You would get a lot easter eggs and things happening while you clicked; the hand would turn into a lightsaber, you would knock on Donald Trumps face and get fun GIF's. All the knocks was recorded into Firebase (a database) and the door would get more and more torn down the more knocks there was. In the end it would reveal a link and a video. It never got to 1 million knocks and the saga ended.

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